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    Sep 21
  2. Oct 18
    Replying to

    We've resynced our Waves nodes, and deposit delay issues are not the case anymore too.

  3. Oct 18

    🌀 About recent issues with withdrawals: all withdrawals, that were shown as completed, but were not actually broadcasted, are resent.

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    Oct 17

    DEX is now available on iOS! Download the latest wallet ver. 0.2.1

  5. Sep 22

    ☝️Reminder: Cryptopia has closed Waves markets, you have until 15/10/2017 to withdraw . 3 weeks left, don't forget your tokens!

  6. Sep 21

    Want to trade on HitBTC? Read our guide on deposits and learn about Waves attachments!

  7. Sep 12

    Slack news: free tier up signals feed is now broadcasted to -signals channel on our Slack. Join us! 📢💎📡🚀

  8. Sep 9

    🌀 Bittrex signals are starting to get back, all current subscriptions are extended for one day to compensate.

  9. Sep 9

    🌀 About lack of Bittrex signals recently: we're working on the fix and hope to restore Bittrex in the next couple of hours.

  10. Sep 8

    Today we welcome our user number 60,000! This journey into crypto world is just getting better. 🎉💎📡🚀

  11. Sep 7

    We'd like to remind you that we're still gathering responses on social trading in preparation to our next release!

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    Sep 1

    CryptoPing (PING) markets added on the Tidex Exchange.

  13. Sep 1
  14. Sep 1

    Want to get a chance for early access to alpha version of social trading? Fill out this form: ☕️💎📡🚀

  15. Sep 1
  16. Aug 16

    Project news: responding to price changes, we set sub price to 20 USD/month in PING. Details: 🔧💡🌻 📡

  17. Aug 15

    💡Did you know? Every week at least one CryptoPing user loses a smartphone w/ 2FA apps. Keep your devices safe and back up security codes!

  18. Aug 13

    We now generate signals for 🎉 Also signal search tools were added to dashboards. Details: 🔧💡🌻 📡

  19. Aug 6

    Big update: new type of signal, more filters, website redesign, roadmap dates and more! Details: 🔧💡🌻 📡

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    Jul 24

    I just published “Bitcoin Cash: What You Need to Know”

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