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Bitcoin at $1700, why SegWit for Litecoin is Important

In light of the past few days massive ups and downs, with Bitcoin breaking news highs by the hour and altcoins dropping as if to prove gravity, we at DCNews thought it best to provide our readers with an article from Coindesk that sheds light on the upcoming LTC Segwit… the LTC sig what the what. Well exactly, in the... Read More
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Cryptocurrency Boom Predicted

Roger Aitken a financial expert and guru claims that we can expect a boom in the cryptocurrency market. Boom, have we not had a boom. I assume he is saying the boom we have seen is just the initial fluster. Where’s the cryptocurrency market heading? Well, a prediction made in January over a boom in market capitalization of cryptocurrencies –... Read More
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Where and How to buy bitcoins Globally

One of the most commonly asked questions, especially among beginners is where on earth and how the hell does one buy bitcoin or other altcoins such as Ethereum, Monero or Dash. At DCN we purchase our bitcoins and altcoins from many exchanges, including coincrest. The guys at have put together a great fairly expansive list of place to buy... Read More
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Investors Who Missed Bitcoin Rally Go for Ether, Monero, Litecoin

Ether, Monero, Litecoin all show good prospects. We at DCN certainly back there future growth. Thanks to cointelegraph for this enlightening article There seems to be a trend in cryptocurrency investment. Traders of Bitcoin often leap from one digital currency to another, spreading their investments across popular currencies such as Ethereum’s Ether (ETH), anonymous currency Monero (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC).... Read More
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Did One Tweet Make Litecoin’s Price Drop 20%?

  Litecoin, I’m invested many of you are invested. Stanley David provides lucid analysis.      Did One Tweet Make Litecoin’s Price Drop 20%? Litecoin prices fell roughly 20% in less than 24 hours, and the culprit is apparently a single tweet. The digital currency declined to as little as $9.19 at 12:29 UTC today, after reaching a high of $11.45 yesterday. According to... Read More
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Bitcoin Price Reverses Downward Trend To Tackle $1200 Once More

The article below is justification to all the bulls out there. The price of bitcoin is on the rise and the reasons go far deeper than mentioned in this article by William Suberg. Original Article here Bitcoin’s price support is edging towards $1200 once again as the latest scaling-related controversy rolls on. According to data from Coinmarketcap, at press time Friday,... Read More