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Bitcoin Drives Revolution and ‘Startup Government’ for Syrian Kurds

Amir Taaki, the developer of DarkMarket/OpenBazaar and Dark Wallet, seemed to disappear from the Internet in early 2015. Why? Speculation on the Bitcointalk forum ranged from suicide to fighting with or against ISIS. Bitcoin Drives Revolution and ‘Startup Government’ for Syrian Kurds Amir Taaki “Rojava’s under embargo, so there’s no way to move money in or out. So... Read More
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The Taxman and Bitcoin

Questions about tax are often asked by cryptocurrency and bitcoin uses. While this is a country by country debate the article below highlights some important facts all us crypto uses should know. The article is from yahoo finance and first appeared here  When you file your taxes this year, your accountant might ask if you own any bitcoin. The popular... Read More
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Monero cryptocurrency doubled in price in March and is being used more widely on dark net markets

Monero, a cryptocurrency designed for anonymity and security, doubled in price over the last month to around $23 while other digital currencies, including bitcoin, saw a mixed month. One reason for Monero’s recent success: Cybercriminals intrigued by the currency’s promises of greater anonymity are using it more often on black markets. Several prominent vendors dealing in malware and other illicit products told CyberScoop... Read More