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Bitstamp and Customer Service…or lack thereof

DCNews continues to work with many exchanges for practical reasons such as love of cryptos as well as for the professional reason to test the grounds before you gal and guys do so. Today we place Bitstamp under the spotlight.

In short: Deal losing Slow, nonchalant customer service juxtaposed to decent crypto rates and solid platform.

Bitstamp is suited for the newbie entrant into the market in terms of its platform style and hands off customer care. While we are aware that customer service is an industry-wide problem we are particularly highlighting the nonchalant attitude and untimely fasion in which the Bitstamp Customer Service operates.

Bitstamp is suitable for credit card deposits for verified clients only. Verification time will vary and is adequate but not great.

The good side of Bitstamp is a fairly intuitive and accurate platform with limited but highly secure wallet variety. They specialize in BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, BCC. Importantly Bitstamp has been in the game since 2011 and continues to play an important role up to today. We would hope that as the industry matures companies such as Bitstamp will up there customer service to match there platforms and products.