Steem Dollars: DCNews takes a look, we like what we see.

“The Steem Dollar (commonly abbreviated SBD) is an asset intended to be pegged to the United States dollar. Steem Dollars can be traded at cryptocurrency exchanges, and used for payments for goods and services”.

“There is an internal market on the Steem blockchain and integrated into the Steemit website where STEEM can be traded with Steem Dollars and vice-versa. Steem Dollars can be converted into an equivalent value amount of STEEM in a process that takes 3.5 days”.

“Steem Dollars which are held receive an interest rate. This rate is set as a variable collectively by Steem witnesses. As of March 2017 this rate is 2% annually. If Steem Dollars are being traded below parity with the US dollar and the supply of Steem Dollars is not too high relative to the liquid STEEM supply, the interest rate may rise”.


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