Crypto Exchanges

The best bitcoin exchanges in 2017:

Coinbase is a market leader and an exchange that millions use with confidence and security.  Coinbase base offer deposits with Credit Cards, Bank Wires and a Variety of Cryptocurrencies. In numbers that have around 4,800,000 users who are signed up, 45,000 merchants and 9000 developer apps. Coinbase is particularly well suited for European, American, & Canadian customers. While customers from other region or countries can register and use their services, it is hard to verify the account due to the need to notarized translated KYC`s. Even without full verification as with most exchange if transactions take place in cryptos KYC`s are of less importance. is the main peer to peer bitcoin exchange. What is this means is that transactions take place between individual buyers and sellers setting their own prices. Localbitcoins provides an interface that allows buyers and sellers to define parameters of the trade such as location, payment method. Localbitcoins also provides Escrow and dispute resolution to a fairly effective degree.

Bitstamp is a major European exchange based out of London with the ability to provide high volume trades. Bitstamp provides a user-friendly interface and fair prices.

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Kraken is a well-established exchange but still struggles to match up to the major players due to difficult interface and trading. That said a beta version of a user-friendly trading interface is currently available.  Kraken charges extremely reasonable rates and is among the cheapest rates in the exchange industry.

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CEX.IO are one of the industries older players, they still in the game and strong which places weight behind their highly reputable reputation over an extended period of time. They accept cards, wires, and cryptos. Furthermore, credit card fees are cheap. While not the industries best interface, it is none the less user-friendly and practical.

[the_ad id=”3050″] is of the market leaders for European region with well over 250,000 EU based clients. Rather importantly your funds at always remain in your own bank account covered by statutory deposit insurance. Most Bitcoin exchanges, on the contrary, hold your funds is a company bank account which is slightly riskier.

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Virwox provides one with the opportunity to buy bitcoin with PayPal. BUT. One needs to first buy what are called Linden dollars  (SLLs), which are used as currency in a virtual world game. One can then exchange SLL`s for BTC. It is a little more costly than other exchanges but does provide a solution for those looking to purchase bitcoin with PayPal. SSl`s unlike other cryptos and should not be seen as such. They are an in-game currency for games such as SecondLife.

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