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Sphere Coin Tech to be adopted by Microsoft

DCNews has multiple sources that confirm Sphere coin is to be adopted by Microsoft. Furthermore, Tim Draper, Billionaire Bitcoin investor famous for his Bitcoin buy, has invested in the coin. Sphere (SPHR) is far more than just a crypto, it is a tool to improve trading in the crypto world and has technology adaptations which Microsoft is going to be exploring.  Sphere have... Read More
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DCNews has exclusive info about Sphere (SPHR)

DCNews has spoken with the insiders and analysts and has arrived at the best crypto investment for Monday 15th May. We expect massive unprecedented growth of the asset: Sphere (SPHR) on Bittrex.  Our source is at the centre of the Sphere. We take no responsibility for advice given but have placed our own funds behind the info.  The Chart above is... Read More
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What the Bleep happened to Bitcoin and Altcoins this week? Whats Next?

In short Bitcoins, growth has always been expected but the sudden massive rise this week was unexpected to most. DCNews has a very good source that said several weeks ago that a large group of Japanese investors have been waiting for the Segwit on Litecoin to happen to invest a great deal into Bitcoin.  CNBC confirms that 52% of Bitcoin volume... Read More
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Ethereum Forecast: Long but how long

Aayush Jindal analysis of Ethereum, while we believe likely correct, is nothing surprising.  Jindal notes “Ethereum price continued its upside streak against the US Dollar, and it looks like the ETH/USD pair may soon test the $90 level.” His supporting analysis is below. We will follow this up with highly lucid analysis which indicates an even great potential for Ethereum... Read More
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ETHNews forecast Ethereum to possible hit $100

Aayush Jindal from ETHNews produced the following eye-catching analysis of the ETH/USD pair (Ethereum/USD) Technically, the 12-hour chart indicators are moving nicely in the bullish territory. Ether Price rally is here to stay This past week was excellent for Ether, as the price moved to a fresh 2017 high against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. There was a major breakout... Read More
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WeekEnd Tips

DISCLAIMER There’s risk involved in trading Crypto Currencies. DailyCryptoNews © and JDYSolutions (LTD)  Does not take Any responsibility for any losses that may occur with This is Trading advice and nothing is guaranteed. These charts and tips should serve as suggestions and indication as to what you should look for during your own analysis.    We use both our own network of traders... Read More
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Ethereum and Bitcoin Boom to highest Market Capitalization record of $33.1 Billion provides us with a lucid explanation of the explosion we had in the markets on the yesterday and what can be expected as “Capitalization of Cryptocurrency Ecosystem to Record $33.1 Billion” Bitcoin’s exchange rate against the U.S. dollar and the euro rose near previous all-time highs on Thursday. The BTC/USD rate on European exchange Bitstamp went as high as $1342 by... Read More
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