Duecoin and other Altcoin Alternatives

Duecoin and other Altcoin Alternatives

The fondness for cryptocurrencies is increasing in people day by day rapidly. The no of investors are increasing because more and more people are investing their money in cryptocurrencies to get a high return. Nowe days cryptocurrencies are the favorite investment means for investors to invest their money. However the crypto market is very unbalanced market and very risky to invest, still people are investing in crypto market. That is the reason behind the total crypto market capitalization is more then $195 billion.
The methods of raising funds had gained a popularity of the ICO and mostly crypto projects are using this method to increase their funds with the potential investors in exchange of tokens of their projects. There are some facts also that most ICO’s are out to be scam that can mug people with the millions of dollars.
Something must be introduced in ICO market that can able the users to invest their money securely in those ICO’s to regulate the market.
Here a platform has been introduced recently which will able the users to invest in ICO cryptocurrencies projects having a single cryptocurrency with p facilitating tools and basic analysisment for the ICO projects that are safe to the users.
That project is named as DUE Coin (DUEC).

Due Coin

Due coin is a cryptocurrency that allows the users to send money from one account to another instantly with very less fees. This cryptocurrency has no central authority and the value of this cryptocurrency will be determined by laws of demand and supply in Crypto world.
This totally decentralized platform will give some special advantages over the common/ traditional currencies with proprietary global payment network technology in terms of transaction, security, cost and other reasons.
Due Coin is created by an experienced team and can be used to organize financial properties using the most secure and reliable system. Due Coin has the top features that are focused around increasing the speed and also efficiency of the blockchain. It is designed to integrating with safe currency transections. Those persons who utilize the new Due Coin cryptocurrency will be offered some special benefits like will enjoy high speed monetary transfer at a fraction of cast that basically come with money b/w two bodies.

Due Coin Road-map


Due Coin have a team that works for explanation of this platform and every team have plantings for their future strategies. So the Due Coin team also has a strategy for their future works that is made by analyzing and examining deeply of the cryptocurrencies exchanges, its market and had identified the risks, qualities, problems that causes for frailer or success for a cryptocurrency than the other available cryptocurrencies and then developed the Due Coin by adding unique qualities.

Due Coin Wallet

Due Coin is
100% secure-
100% Transparent and Reliable- and
Time 3 minutes or less

Users only have to do is only that create an address to store or hold users Due Coins for purchasing anything, selling anything, or to transact using Due Coins. By following the points mentioned bellow users can create a due Coin wallet to hold his/her Due Coins, after this process Due Coins will be utilized to build a personal address.
Due Coin Wallet (for windows systems)

Users having WINDOWS operating system follow the steps mentioned bellow.

  1. Download the duecoin-win.zip file
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Now run the DueCoin-qt.exe program (this is the wallet)
    Due Coin Wallet (MAC)
    Users having MAC operating systems follow the bellow points.
  4. Download the .DMG file for Mac
  5. Unzip the file
  6. Now run the DueCoin-qt.exe program.

Specifications of Due Coin


1 840 million Total Coins

Due Coins total lifetime principal will be formed 840,000,000. Where the half-life cover of those mined will be 45.4 months

2 Four Minute Block Time

Due Coin mines 1,200 coins to every block within a Four Minute block time, from which half of each- 280,000 that are 2 years approximately.
3 256 hash Encryption

It will smooth the progress of heavy cryptographic hash function SHA256 to use, which is known as most secure function.

Fast Transactions

This platform allows the users to send the Due Coins to everywhere the user want and would be able of sending the Due Coins to user’s family and friends within short time period. Using “Due Coin” applications users can do all type of transactions in a short time period. In future Due Coin’s cryptocurrency is going to be very significant to conquer various types of problems and to send money with fast transactions.

Look on Business

Due Coins is now accepting payment for any type of transaction, so through it if you want to buy anything online or from retail stores, you can.

Opportunity by Due coin

Due coin Provides Opportunity, Simplicity and Convenience that are:

Now, participating in the launching process, get hold of your Due Coins now with cryptocurrency.

Users can also earn commission by holding Due Coins and concentrating on increasing price and collect more at perfect times as a result of POS.

Due Coin will allow all the users to exchange in the marketplace, to transfer their Due Coins to anyone of friend who allow building him/her wealth.

Due Coin ICO Sale


Due Coin pre-sale will consist of 5 stages. Each stage will remain open only for a limited time period, with a leg on each side of not more than twelve hours. 5% of pre-mined of the pre-mind coins, a maximum threshold of 0.6% will be held by the pioneer ones of the project, and the 4.4% remaining will be distributed during the pre-sale stage.

For more information please visit Due Coin official web site.

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I am very excited about this project by concerned about when it will become available on an exchange?

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