Typical Email Bitcoin Scam – BTC adder

Typical Email Bitcoin Scam – BTC adder

Today at DCNews we will talk a little about the dark side of Bitcoin, the scams, the schemes, the fraud that gives the industry a bad name. While there are many reputable and honest cryptocurrency investments be it in mining or investments with companies such as Genesis Mining, Krakan, Poloniex, Coinbase, Coincrest and other major industry players there are also scams. It is almost impossible to name the scams as they change their websites, names and other details on a regular basis. However, with our experience, we are able to discern the patterns of behaviours, design, offers and marketing that strongly indicate a site or offer to be a scam.

A Good example of an email scam is the follow from [email protected]

1- The colours: Ask your self, Would any serious company send an email looking like that? 

2- Where is a Logo? 

3- Where is the disclaimer or Name of the sender? 

4- Any “Error of the bitcoin system” would be news and known by all players.

5- Nothing in Life is free. A legitimate company makes profits from fees or a spread.  Giving away software that “hacks” bitcoin to “earn” you “100 btc per time hack” is clearly just a scam. 

6-We have seen many versions of the same scam. 


By Thomas Johansson DCNews




Typical Email Bitcoin Scam - BTC adder
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Typical Email Bitcoin Scam - BTC adder
Email Bitcoin Scam
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