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ETH is going to be listed on one of the biggest Chinese exchanges on the 31st May

DCNews can confirm that Huobi, one of the biggest Chinese exchanges, has listed CNY/ETH on their exchange. This is likely to increase the number of Ethereum holders and should provide support to the current Ethereum price increase. DCNews has always been a supporter of Ethereum and we are very excited by the developments in China in the Altcoin world. Read More
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Understanding Making Money From Bitcoin and Altcoin in Under 150 Words

Bitcoin has about 14 million accounts out of a population of a world population 8 billion. Everyday more and more people talk about Bitcoin and introduce Bitcoin to a new person or group. The massive rise in price has only added to the socially especially expanding nature of the social aspect of bitcoin and cryptos or altcoins in general. This... Read More
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DigiByte (DGB) and Minecraft heading for a showdown on June 10th

Minecraft, the hit Microsoft game that has a massive player base is not so much joining forces with digibyte as much as digibyte is using the game and others to grow and expand hopefully the effective use of blockchain technology. Digibyte, on their website, claim that they want  “to make DigiByte the fastest, most secure & scalable blockchain in the world well in... Read More
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CryptoPing Announce ICO launch set for May 25, 2017…Opportunity or Passing Fade

CryptoPing, new project for cryptocurrency traders, announces ICO launch on May 25, 2017 at 12.00 AM CET to fund further project development. The crowdsale will continue until June 25 12.00 PM CET. CryptoPing is an alternative cryptocurrency intelligence bot. It constantly monitors altcoin markets, generates trading signals and notifies subscribers in Telegram. The project has been in public beta-testing phase... Read More
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Stellar to Distribute 16 Billion Lumens to Bitcoin holders

Stellar announced several weeks ago that on June 27th 2017 that will begin distribution of 16 Billion lumens to bitcoin holders who want them.  We have had many questions about how to get in on the free cryptos.  Below is official process to follow direct from   How will it work? June 26, 2017: We’ll take a snapshot of... Read More
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Sphere Coin Tech to be adopted by Microsoft

DCNews has multiple sources that confirm Sphere coin is to be adopted by Microsoft. Furthermore, Tim Draper, Billionaire Bitcoin investor famous for his Bitcoin buy, has invested in the coin. Sphere (SPHR) is far more than just a crypto, it is a tool to improve trading in the crypto world and has technology adaptations which Microsoft is going to be exploring.  Sphere have... Read More
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DCNews has exclusive info about Sphere (SPHR)

DCNews has spoken with the insiders and analysts and has arrived at the best crypto investment for Monday 15th May. We expect massive unprecedented growth of the asset: Sphere (SPHR) on Bittrex.  Our source is at the centre of the Sphere. We take no responsibility for advice given but have placed our own funds behind the info.  The Chart above is... Read More
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Typical Email Bitcoin Scam – BTC adder

Today at DCNews we will talk a little about the dark side of Bitcoin, the scams, the schemes, the fraud that gives the industry a bad name. While there are many reputable and honest cryptocurrency investments be it in mining or investments with companies such as Genesis Mining, Krakan, Poloniex, Coinbase, Coincrest and other major industry players there are also... Read More
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What the Bleep happened to Bitcoin and Altcoins this week? Whats Next?

In short Bitcoins, growth has always been expected but the sudden massive rise this week was unexpected to most. DCNews has a very good source that said several weeks ago that a large group of Japanese investors have been waiting for the Segwit on Litecoin to happen to invest a great deal into Bitcoin.  CNBC confirms that 52% of Bitcoin volume... Read More
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Bitcoin at $1700, why SegWit for Litecoin is Important

In light of the past few days massive ups and downs, with Bitcoin breaking news highs by the hour and altcoins dropping as if to prove gravity, we at DCNews thought it best to provide our readers with an article from Coindesk that sheds light on the upcoming LTC Segwit… the LTC sig what the what. Well exactly, in the... Read More
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